Joseph R. Keegan

Joseph is receiving an Arts Scholarship from the Rotary Foundation. HMHS Choral Director, Tyler Mills says, “Simply put, Joseph is one of the finest, most musically gifted students that I have ever had the opportunity to work with.”  His English teacher says that Joseph as “a strong passion for making the community, a better place.” He is the HMHS school ambassador to the NYC based Tyler Clementi Foundation, which works to end online and offline bullying in schools. Another example of his empathy is that Joseph took American sign language lessons so he could help a deaf child comprehend the play in a community theater production. This was during the pandemic when everyone was wearing masks and they couldn’t read lips. Joseph has a near perfect report card and is a member of the National Honor Society and member of the International Thespian Society. He plans on studying in Pace University  for Fine Arts degree in Musical Theater.

Julia Hart

Julia thrives on a challenge, both in and out of the classroom. Whether she’s hosting at the Senior Citizen’s Prom, ringing choir bells at the Presbyterian church, representing HMHS on the Haddonfield Human Relations committee in discussing how to best combat inequality within our community or striking an unreturnable tennis ball to an opponent on the Haddon Heights’ team, Julia is “all in.” Her teachers write: in a class of outstanding students, Julia stands out as a Thinker, a Writer and a Leader. Julia’s teachers report she is remarkable in that her “people skills” are as strong as her “academic skills.” Julia’s goal is to work in healthcare. I can attest to the importance that “people skills” will be a significant asset in the field she has chosen to work.

Alexandra K. Brown

Alexandra is receiving the Patricia Parker Scholarship. Allie was chosen because of her excellent high school academic record along with her community services. Her volunteer work with Feed My Starving Children as well as her interest in the French language has inspired her to work international. Allie’s goal is to obtain a dual degree (bachelors and MBA) in international business at the University of New Haven starting this fall. The Patricia Parker Scholarship is in memory of Pat’s passing in December of 2019. Pat was an accomplished bookkeeper, retail store owner, key partner in the family accounting business and she possessed great business savvy. The scholarship is designated for a female student pursuing a business degree.
Isys M. Mosby
Isys is a “humble star,” according to Chef Shawn Harris of Respond Culinary Arts School, and there’s no doubt she’ll shine at Walnut Hill College.  She is passionate about food and curious about the world and has big plans after she attains her pastry arts degree. A natural leader, all about community service, and a resource of help and support for her peers – this is how Isys’ teachers and counselors describe her. Chef Harris writes that Isys brings “a perfect balance of energy, good work ethic, hunger to be challenged and the best sense of humor.”   Additionally, Isys has been a member of the National Beta Club since 9th grade, and this organization promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character, leadership and service. Those traits should serve her well as she pursues her goals in establishing a catering business, traveling to learn about different cultures and their foods, and opening a bakery of her own. 
Jovany M. Allegrini
Jovany describes himself as “super passionate about my trade in carpentry.”  His love for carpentry started when he enrolled in Camden County Technical School. Having lived in Camden most of his life, Jovany observed that there is an abundance of empty space that could be developed for homes, schools and stores.  He says, “By becoming a carpenter, I can make Camden a better place, one building at a time.” His high school carpentry instructor noted that “Jovany is a responsible individual, striving to do his best every day. I have no doubt that he will be a successful adult and an asset to the community.”  Jovany says, “Supporting my family is the most important thing to me above all else. I want to build a life for myself and my family. I also want to help other people.” Jovany will attend Williamson College of the Trades in Pennsylvania – it’s a tuition-free, three-year trades education. 
Kristian J. Ruiz
“It’s full of stress and takes a lot of practice and dedication to work in a kitchen,” writes Kristian in his Rotary Scholarship Application. Kristian, a senior at Sterling High School, with a cumulative grade point average of 95.1, will be attending a culinary school to pursue his Bachelor’s degree in Food and Business Management. He also has an interest in real estate and intends to obtain his license.  Mr. Hoffman, his Health/PE teacher, described Kristian as an outstanding student and athlete. Kristian’s desire after graduation is to eventually own his own restaurant. He sees food waste as a major community issue and intends to assist low income and homeless people in any way to alleviate their daily food struggles.
Malachi Neal
Malachi attends Westtown School in West Chester, PA, and has been accepted at the University of Pennsylvania. His teacher described him as a “deep thinker” who works so well with his peers that his positive outlook often rubs off on them. He has played competitive soccer for 10  years, but also finds time to volunteer with special needs students and the elderly. As he stated in his application, he is particularly proud of his work to “inspire minority males to find ways to become successful in their academic journeys.” Aware that his community was besieged with crime, addiction, limited education and poverty, Malachi decided that he had to find a way to avoid the odds stacked against him. He said “I decided I wanted to change the narrative that had prevented my family, Black men like George Floyd and my community from attaining a better quality of life. Education became the answer for me.”
Matteo Lucchi
Applicants for the Alice Downs Scholarship for young violinists or violists were required to respond to the following prompt: Why is the violin the coolest instrument in the orchestra? Matteo wrote, in part: “The violin is the instrument that is closest to the sound of a human voice. It can sound like a person sighing, crying, breathing, speaking, laughing, being joyful, and every emotion you can think of. I also love the sound of the vibrato on the violin. The repertoire for the violin is amazing. All of my favorite concertos – such as Sibelius, Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn and Bach – were all written for the violin. In the orchestral repertoire, the most beautiful melodies are often in the violin section. When the violins play these melodies together it sounds so rich and beautiful.” The Alice Downs Scholarship enables a young violinist to attend the Philadelphia International Music Festival, at Bryn Mawr College, for two weeks in the summer. The faculty includes members of The Philadelphia Orchestra.
Nina Stephens
Nina, soon to graduate from Haddonfield Memorial High School, was described by her teachers as “curious, intelligent, dedicated, capable and friendly;” an “excellent communicator” who works well with her peers, and a student who “possesses a tremendous gift for languages.” She is a first generation American, and will be a first generation college student, attending Boston University and hoping to study International Relations. Nina’s most meaningful volunteer experience was participating in the March of Our Lives NJ where she interacted with parents whose hardship and addiction interfered with their ability to care for their children. In Nina’s scholarship application, she says, “I want to reach farther than my general community. With higher education I will have the opportunity to achieve my goal of helping others through experiences I am lucky to have never encountered before.”
About Rotary Club of Haddonfield Foundation Scholarships
Each year, the Rotary Club of Haddonfield Foundation provides financial assistance to deserving students with financial need in Haddonfield and nearby communities who are planning to further their education in a university, college, vocational or other setting.
Particular consideration is given to students who demonstrate an understanding of the Mission of Rotary International: providing service to others, promoting high ethical standards and advancing world understanding, good will and peace.
For more information, contact the Foundation Chair, Mary Ann Bigelow at